Wild at Heart

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Finding Friends

I do not have many close friends. Maybe 10. That is plenty. I never wanted to have many friends. I want only a few close friends. That is what I have.

Do you want to know how to become my friend? Probably not. But since this is my blog and not your blog, I shall describe it.

First, let me give a long list of things NOT to do. Do not talk to me excessively. Do not invite me to a party. Do not mention how knowledgeable you are about the local bar scene. Do not even come close to making me feel like you need me/want me to be your friend. Do not try to “save” me. Do not try to tell me what you know. Do not call my phone. Do not send texts to my phone. Do not leave a voice message on my phone.

I have a highly developed and highly sensitive "dependency" alarm, and if this alarm goes off, you have virtually no chance to ever develop a friendship with me. If I smell dependency, I run a hundred miles per hour in the other direction.

My friends are certainly reinforcement. They help solidify me, strengthen me, sustain me. But they do not make me. I am not dependent on them. I rely on them, but I am not dependent on them.

Parasites are dependent. Friends are reinforcement. There is a big difference between the two. Read more »

How to stop vomitting on your self: A self-help guide to finding your destiny

I do what I want to do.

I used to think it was a problem. I used to think, “Gosh, isn’t it selfish to do whatever I want to do?” I came to a very surprising conclusion: no, it is not selfish to do whatever I want to do, as long as what I want is truly good. Read more »

Putting on the new man

"What we do in life echoes in eternity."-Gladiator

I constantly ask the question: what do I want to do with my life? I tried many different things and had many different experiences. I did biology research in Wisconsin. I traveled around the world and went to every state in the continental US. I went to Montana via train and spent the week living in a snow cave at Glacier National Park. I started a business and wrote a book (three books actually, but only one is published). I became a blogger. I taught for five years. I coached several sports.

To some, it may seem like a random series of events. To me, it all is woven together in a single pattern, a definitive path that has lead me directly to the spot where I am at today.

Where am I at today? I am in my room, surrounded by my few remaining possessions, and tomorrow, at 2:55pm, I show up to Saint Meinrad Seminary to begin my training to become a Catholic Priest. Read more »

My greatest masterpiece

Our lives are an unwritten book, partially begun but with an unknown amount of pages still remaining. What will I do with those unwritten pages? What great deeds of courage, what sad tales of disappointment and confusion, what grand adventure and boundless joys are going to fill these blank pages? And in this yet-unwritten book, what is going to be my masterpiece that will define my life, and when will it occur?

Of course, our whole lives, the whole “book”, is everyone’s masterpiece, but within a book, there is always a climax. There is always a peak that defines the adventure and changes it forever. So too, in our lives, there is a moment, or a series of closely related moments, that are the peak of our story, our finest work, our grandest adventure. This is our greatest masterpiece. Read more »

Pscychopathic Deviates

Yesterday, while getting the results of my psychological evaluation (I had to have a psych exam for an application), I was told a piece of news that I have known for a long time: I am not normal. As a culmination of hours of multiple choice tests, the Minnessota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (a 380 question survey), Rorschach testing, and an hour of consultation, it has been scientifically confirmed that I am not normal (it must be comforting to all of my family, friends, former students, former teachers, co-workers, and employers to have this confirmed in such an empirical way.) Actually, to put it the way the Psychologist described it, “You have elevated levels of PD.”

“What is PD?” I asked.

“Psychopathic Deviate.”

Yes, I have elevated levels of psychopathic deviant behavior.

I am quite shocked that it took such an extensive battery of tests to reach that conclusion. When driving into the clinic, I was sitting at a stoplight waiting to turn left. The sign said, “Turn on green arrow only.” The light was green in the lanes next to me, but I didn't have a green arrow. It was still red, but I turned anyways. Always have. Always will. As long as it is safe. I think this observation could have saved 4 hours of testing and a slightly boring interview. Oh well. Read more »

The body runs on calories. The mind runs on ideas. The heart runs on desire.

We live in a culture that is excessively focused on the body. We try to find ways to manipulate the body, to make it strong and “healthy”, and we are told that if we have a strong and healthy body, we can do almost anything.

This is stupid. I have seen weak minds and unhealthy bodies do amazing things that no full-time gym member could ever accomplish. They conquered their challenges, not with a perfect body, but by having a strong heart. Read more »


Have you ever had the chance to visit a National Park? Have you seen the sun set over the rim of the Grand Canyon? Have you walked through alpine tundra in the Rocky Mountains? Have you hugged a giant sequoia that shoots 300 feet into the sky?

If you haven’t, you should.

If you have, then you owe a large debt to those who gave these great gifts to you. You see, I am a great lover of democracy. To me, democracy is about the freedom to create a world that is better than you found it. It is freedom to give yourself to a good cause. And here in America, there is a never-ending fountain of democracy-loving people who laid the foundations and passed on gifts of splendor to future generations, and our national parks are one such heritage. Read more »


Photo: Time Archives

Muhammad Ali is the greatest marketer of all time. He simply told people, “I am the Greatest.” He made it known, loud and clear, that he was the greatest in the sport of boxing, and he was saying that at the age of 20.

And at his retirement, after winning the heavyweight crown three different times (a record that remains this day), he proved his comments were true. Even to this day, he is acknowledged by everyone in the sport of boxing as the Greatest of all time.

One of my favorite quotes from Ali: “Some people say I’m cocky, they say I talk too much, and that I need a good whoopin’. But anything I say, I’m willing to back up.” This is why I think Muhammad is one of the greatest marketers of all time: his product delivered as promised. He talked a big talk, but he backed it up every step of the way.

Marketers and companies are really good at promising great things. A business claims that their product is going to help you, a politician claims to change society for the better, a school claims to build life-long learners. However, the business, politician, and school often do not deliver as promised. In many instances, the marketing is much better than the product. People get the word out, they claim that their product is amazing and going to change things, but it just doesn’t deliver. The problem is that many organizations spend more time developing their marketing instead of developing their product. Read more »

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