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The Tao of the Entreninja

I have been working away in my laboratory for the last few weeks, cooking up a new book about what I have learned in my short tenure as an entrepreneur. As is the case with almost everything I start, I just woke up one morning and thought to myself, "I think I want to write a book about running a business like a Ninja." This book is the culmination of that thought.

I am stoked about the book for three reasons:

A. It meets my first Fundamental Law of Literature: keep it short.

2. I was able to provide illustrations throughout the book. I am sure you will be amazed at how much my artistic hand has developed since 4th grade.

D. When it was finished, I read through it, and I smiled at my work. If it makes me smile, then it has a chance of making you smile.

I hope you enjoy it!


The name speaks for itself. All drawings are professional. Ignore this advice at your own peril.

Why I work in a closet

Recently, I was given an option: go work out in an open space with plenty of leg room, ventilated air, and easy access to what I needed, or I could go work in a small closet that offered none of these amenities. I picked the closet.

Several factors converged to inspire this decision. Read more »


Our nation doesn’t need more school. We don’t need more classes, more principles, and longer days. We just need more education. In “Weapons of Mass Instruction”, John Taylor Gatto explains just how far removed “school” and “education” are in his experience in 30 years of public school teaching, and if you care about the future of this nation, you should read what he has to say.

A note of caution: if you get your feelings hurt easily, if you want to read books that are non-confrontational, or if you think compulsory education is the greatest thing since sliced bread, then you probably should not read this book and instead return to doing homework.

However, you are a probable candidate for finding value in this book if any of the following are true:
1. You have surmised that working hard and gaining valuable life experience are more important than getting perfect grades.
2. You felt that the work you did in school was disconnected from your life outside of school.
3. You have met a lot of people with college degrees and certifications who you would never hire in a million years.
4. You think that a reference from someone who has a brain is more valuable than a list of past accolades on a cookie-cutter resume.
5. You sat in a classroom and asked yourself, “Why I am I learning THIS?”

If this is you, then read on... Read more »


Maya Frost, author of “The New Global Student”, has spent a significant amount of time encouraging those who might be interested to explore alternative pathways to education, such as going on a global romp. While this may not be an attractive option for some students, there are some key insights in her book about how this sort of experience can have huge benefits for those who are willing to go on the adventure. As more and more schools talk about creating “21st Century Learners”, her insights and her experiences have more and more relevance. It turns out that traveling to Buenos Aires for a semester (even while you are in high school) isn’t as complicated as you think as long as you have a little moxy.

While Maya’s book is written mainly to parents, it has consequences for everyone involved in education. As a teacher, I was curious about how some of her experiences related to my fellow teachers. I asked her a few questions via email and she was generous enough to respond with the following: Read more »

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